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  9. Hello everyone. I may be 1 yrs of age but still i can still compile one of Kishore Da’s best songs. Kishore Da’s voice was something, no comparision. There was that sparkle in his voice which was missing in the others. His songs such as “Yeh Shaam Mastani” etc. have left an ever lasting impression. Truely, Kishore Kumar cannot be compared.Regards,Abhishek

  10. Irene – huomasinkin, että olit liittynyt Joulublogini lukijaksi. Sitä on ainakin helppo seurata sen avulla : )"Uuden" blogini linkitys blogilistoille on vähän toisenlainen, joten voin kuvitella, että kaikki eivät sitä ole tehneet. Siksi ajattelin muistutella myös täällä tuosta Joulukalenterista : )

  11. Intanto Nespoli ha lanciato un nuovo indovinello dalla ISS.Nel primo indovinello si trattava di un asciugaguanti da tuta spaziale, diciamo che era facile intuirlo dalla forma 'a manine' della struttura :DQuesto nuovo indovinello è più 😛

  12. Tihihi… Da fikk du vasket badet denne uken ogsÃ¥:) Lise lager vannbomber (Klatrer opp pÃ¥ kanten og hopper bakover og lander med rumpen først! (I tilfelle barnevernet leser her vil jeg understreke at etter Ã¥ ha bevitnet galskapen en gang har jeg gjort mitt ytterste for at det ikke skjer igjen!)) og det er mye interessant som kommer rennende med vannet fra bak badekaret… Godt med alt man ikke vet!Toril

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  14. If Qaddafi have no support of Libyan people why not NATO armies get success in Libya.Those who rebel against Qaddafi are weak or they no support of people.If Qaddafi is so cruel bastard how can he ruled 41 year.Real fact is that CIA incited some grumbling people and they revolt against Qaddafi.America want to through away Qaddafi and place some dummy dictator who can dance on tune of U.S.and can control oil well. Are Western countries learn any lesson from Afghanistan, Iraq attack?  

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  19. The first near-steel-quality weapon found worldwide is precisely a dagger found in Cyprus produced locally by a Cypriot smith. Iron working was known among Mediterranean people but not preferred since quality could not be guaranteed even for the ultraexpensive ones unlike Bronze which was standardized to high standards. Hence the bulk of the Iron weaponry of the 1200-800 BC was of inferior quality to Bronze and it was only the rapid increase in Tin prices that led to widespread use of Iron.

  20. Hello jolie mam’zelle, quelle belle sélection de produits !!! Nuxe aaaaaaaah, Nuxe…entre lui et moi c’est une grande histoire d’amour entre l’efficacité des produits et leurs odeurs ;D ! Et Weleda a de très bons produits aussi !!!…Merci pour ton passage sur mon blog qui un peu beaucoup mort ces temps-ci, faute à un pbe d’appareil et par manque de temps ;( ça me manque, ça me manque !!! Normalement, si tout va bien reprise normale au plus tard lundi (je récupères mon appareil ce week, YES !!! ) des bisous à toi, bonne aprem ;D

  21. – Unbelievable photos! Thank you sooo much Molly for capturing the REAL Krissy and Sean. All of us who know them realize how special they are, but, to see it come alive in photos is so wonderful, especially for a parent. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that! I can’t wait to get my pictures so that I can look at my “kids” everyday! Much love to you from a very grateful mom!

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  23. Hi ChadThanks for the great plug-in. Its the best I have found.I think I have the same problem as above. When I view the registration form the boxes where the registration info is typed has dropped down one so they don’t line up. Is this the fix and if so for the complete newbe can you tell me exactly where I put this code as I cant seem to find the functions.php file. Many thanks.Tony.

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  25. Samwal : Buddy neva expected this comment from you . From Raj Kapoor Time Pak artists have been invited to work in Bollywood . After 26/11 many of the Pak musicians sent their songs on Internet on demand of Indian Producers.BW is big Industry not only from Pak but ppl from various countries come n work here . N there is no disrespect in doing work . let entertainment,movies,music,sports n religion be beyond boundaries. Btw no actor is above anybody’s country. N I am glad to see Tashan’s comments.

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  28. Eller att prestationen bestäms av faktorer som självsäkerhet och ödmjukhet. I min ursprungliga modell betraktade jag den första platÃ¥n som “självsäker, icke ödmjuk”, den djupaste dipen som “osäker, ödmjuk” och slutligen den sista tillstÃ¥ndet som “självsäker, ödmjuk”. Personifieringen av det sista stadiet mÃ¥ste ju vara Hans Rosling, denna svenska hjälte!

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  30. DB is from a good friend who indeed knows I read books. To her credit, she also got me a copy of The Fat Duck Cookbook (because she knows I read AND cook). Too bad I had one already (only semi present face) but that's a good quality gift and one that I can easily recycle. In fact I have already my victim in mind. DB is far more difficult to recycle I must say, although if any fiend wants it… Drop me a line. Just because I don't like DB's books doesn't mean that nobody else is entitled to like them.

  31. Some love this band and this record and have the right to. It’s just that it’s not better than their previous work that was original in the sense that it was at the time the only Christian band that was playing that kind of music.But, as i wrote on my review, when your best song is a cover (their version of Duran Duran’s Ordinary World is killer), then there’s something wrong.

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  33. I believe that our creative selves are the root of the imago dei. The root, the branches, the leaves, the bark … seems a little hard to say which part, but yes, definitely part. God also made us in His image to be communicators, to be relational, to love, to have purpose, to think, to choose, and a host of other qualities that make us human, that set us apart from the animals He did not breathe His breath into. Creativity is certainly one of those things, beyond a doubt. Becky

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  38. Cactus Moon! Haven’t been there since UA a few years ago, used to love Wednesday’s ladies nights. How times have changed since I’m now commenting on blog on a Friday night instead of getting down to some country at a cheesy (yet awesome) bar.But seriously…is there anything better than country and hip-hop in one bar? I think not.

  39. Selv tak! Det var både sjovt, lærerigt og inspirerende for en amatør som jeg. Selvom jeg ikke havde forventet det, fik jeg et par skud, som jeg er meget glad for Og tak til Regitze, som ikke lod sig gå på af mine fejlskud med melet O:-) Jeg kommer bestemt igen!

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  247. “like the old parodies done in Mad and Cracked Magazines”Funny you should mention that! Do you know where I could download them without registering with some dodgy torrent site? I had a Cracked or Mad one as a kid that I loved. Strangely, I no longer have it. It was the one with Luke activating his sabre whilst FACING ben. Oops!

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