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  4. Drake is doing it big, interesting to hear Kanye is going to be controling the album. I’m not sure about that, I guess it makes sense corcammielly and Kanye is heavy but he’s not the first person I’d think of for Drake. The album is gonna smash but he still needs to up the publicity, I know bare people who don’t have a clue about him, that I guarentee wud buy the album.

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  6. Good lord – I go to work for a few hours – you know at a real job unlike you schlubs and when I come back the entire world is turned upside down. Am beginning to think my Avatar is appropriate and not just because the missus thinks I’m a clueless moose.Hat’s off to Satirical Charles for standing up and dishing it right back out. Only thing missing was a “snort my taint” line.

  7. Pratclif, une question subsiste toujours dans votre propos pour que 90% achètent il faut qu’il y ait revenu, or sans emploi pas de revenu pour acheter ! alors d’où sortiront ces moyens financiers pour soutenir la consommation ?. Nous avons vu ce que donnait la consommation par le crédit. votre position me rappelle cette célèbre citation  de l’évêque brésilien Helder Camara : Quand je donne à manger aux pauvres, on me traite de saint. Et quand je demande pourquoi ils n’ont rien à manger, on me traite de communiste.

  8. Pareceme que fan ben en producir este tipo de farolas xa que son boas para así non provocar tanta contaminación lumínica xa que moitas das farolas que están nas rúas alumbran para nada porque están postas en lugares onde non pasa nadie en toda a noite. Tamen grazas a este invento aforrariase moita enerxia porque así non estarian encendidas todo o tempo

  9. Perspective is interesting. Right now, with four antsy kids home at the end of spring break, your “writing retreat” sounds like heaven to me! Best of luck meeting your goals on the flights! Amy

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  11. Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women.”Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD than their male counterparts. “This was shocking,” said Hahm, “It was so much higher than the males. bu(dot)edu/phpbin/news-cms/news/?de…92&id=52827

  12. Kelli, thanks for telling the truth about how we judge, compete, slight each other in our sinful humanity in order to elevate ourselves. Yuck! Hard truth that we need to see and own. And most importantly that this sinful tendency in us is completely inappropriate for Christ’s church….but sadly is so prevalent there too! Lord, humble us to love, honor and serve others above ourselves to Your glory in the Church….thanks for speaking the truth!

  13. avtor datum objave 10.26.2012 ob 06:56 I love the medium this aitrst chose. I, too, am partial to pastels. I wonder if this aitrst used the TRUE form of oils which contain arsenic, even though that is not the norm these days. You know what I haven’t seen lately? Any new Picasso. Has he put anything out lately? Oh wait. Don’t say the last one.

  14. Sherry… In contrast, we used our Friday afternoon film to go see (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and, even though it’s hardly a perfect film, it is a film about people who are not perfect. It’s also not about people who are completely wrong for each other who turn out to be completely right. It’s actually about people who are sorta right and sorta wrong for each other and the question is what hoops and tests will they go through on the way to finding out. Bryce

  15. Es ist nicht unbedingt so, dass man einen Gewerbeschein benötigt, wenn man eine Werbung schaltet, die auf privaten Seiten Platz findet. So lange wie man noch Unkosten hat, Server, Webseite, Fachbücher, Weiterbildung, Ausrüstungszeug um die Webseite zu betreiben etc. und diese Unkosten höher liegen als der Ertrag, dann sieht die Sache noch anders aus. Aber das sollte man mit seinem Steuerberater besprechen.Viele GrüßePetra

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  17. Hab’ den Kommentar, auf den du dich beziehst, gelöscht.: Es kann nicht darum gehen, ein Urteil zu fällen, für das die Justiz zuständig ist. Man kann aber auf die Arbeitsweise dieser Justiz in diesem Fall hinweisen. Man mag es nicht glauben, aber doch: Sowas passiert. Wobei es, glaube ich, nicht darum geht, der “Linken” etwas zu demonstrieren, es geht vermutlich eher um Presse und Öffentlichkeit. Im Sinne von “Wir tun was und greifen hart durch”.

  18. voiculescuok, ok. merci de lamuriri, m-am documentat.Chiar nu auzisem de asemenea incidente. Acum stiu mai multe.Din pacate foarte multi care au patit asemenea lucruri pun semnul egal intre comunisti si atei, cei din urma fiind blamati pe nedrept.Iar propozitia – `Si iaca tot ateii sunt de vina ca oamenii din comunism nu au ales sa faca facultate`… – am scris-o la misto, dar un fanatic crestin din ala pur sange ar fi interpretat ideea la propriu.

  19. People are captivated by story – it has been this way since the dawn of time in every culture around the world.  Explanations can be persuasive, but effective storytelling allows a jury to experience a thing, to visualize it, see it and relate to it.  It is easy for an opening statement or a closing argument to devolve into an explanation or even a rant, but when the storyteller gets lost in the details, the audience is lost.  Explanations do not hold an audience’s attention, and you want the jury to be thinking, “tell me more.”

  20. New Orleans is DOOMED! DOOMED!It sits on the detritus eroded from the mid-continent from the Appalachians to the Rockys and carried to the sea by the great rivers. This load is causing the crust to sink. That’s the way the world works. N.O. is on an elevator going DOWN. It cannot be stopped.As this is happening, the sea is rising in accordance with Al Gore. The water is going UP, the land is going DOWN. There isn’t enough money to save New Orleans in the entire universe.Everything else is wishful thinking.

  21. (red faced) I didn’t notice the addition of some Roman Catholic saints in the new sanctoral cycle. But I’ll definitely have to inquire about including St. Therese. I have always found her autobiography inspiring, and her “little way” so pure of heart.“I can demand nothing with fervor, except the perfect accomplishment of God’s will in my soul.”-St. Therese

  22. Byron,I am sorry to report that the Prerunner has a different suspension system on it, from the factory. So that means our parts won’t work on a Prerunner! I do not know of any lowering kits being made for your truck, again sorry for the bad news, I will look around to see if I can find something for you, so check back periodically, maybe we’ll get lucky!!Mark

  23. Giselle comentou em 7 de maio de 2012 às 19:12. Julinha e equipe petiscos, gostaria de sugerir um Manual de Delineadores! Tudo sobre os formatos e desenhos, texturas, cores, formas de facilitar o traçado… Enfim, dados que ajudem meninas que, como eu, tem duas mãos esquerdas e perfeitamente descordenadas para passar esse item tão lindo do make. Agradeço de montão!

  24. Jotain positiivista on siis pienessä kylässä asumisesta. En ole koskaan ottanut kuitteja kun kassatäti iskee sen roskiin kuitenkin. Pienen kylänetu on sitten se, että kaikki täällä tuntevat toisensa ja kukaan ei edes tarjoa niitä mulle enään. Samoin on alkanut käymään muovipussien tarjoamisen kanssa.

  25. Im 11 and i’ve read all the books and have been watching the movies since the begging, my bedroom is plastered with posters of them (even my ceiling) and my room looks almost exactly like bella’s….I live in forks and my personality is exactly the same….AMAZING….i’m going to be disappointed in any relationship i have because it’s never going to be as romantic as bella and edwards

  26. Very interesting! I love your bit about "why did I make up the word underlord?" That word did make sense, and I never questioned it, and that's what's so great about great fantasy writing– you get us to believe in your world and your made-up language!

  27. One advantage is that, IIRC, Canonical does make the protocol open, so you could build your own backend and connect it to your desktop instead of Canonical’s offering. If that even ever comes into existence, though, it will without doubt not be as good as Canonical’s offering will be. Ah well, we’ll see what happens, I guess.

  28. According to this gizmo my average was 4.77Mpbs for the last month. So YouTube is good, right? Not always! In fact, it's unusable at times. So is my distance to the server changing?No. Is my ISP getting slower? No. YouTube is often really, really slow. When other sites are fast.Why? The overloaded servers at YOUTUBE. YouTube is slow for a lot of us because YOUTUBE is just flat slow. Getting a faster connection won't stop your frustrations with YouTube all the time.

  29. I had similar experiences while living in France, Alex. I had a broken leg and people picked me up and even sometimes turned from the direction they had been headed to get me where I needed to go. I didn’t hitchhike in the States during the same time period and I was wary of the warnings. I made sure that I prayed and listened when I did it in France. I didn’t take every ride and I used public transportation when possible. And truth be told, I don’t want my daughter–or her friends–to give it a go. 😉  |  

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  31. आभार मित्रों, आप जैसे मित्रों का भी साथ मिला है तभी आज मैं युवा लेखिका बन गई हूँ.आप सभी को कोटि-कोटि नमन

  32. So deathangel, you can't answer the question. Good to know that you are simply ignorant of the issue and instead of addressing my question you resort to name calling. Here is the reality. According to the SC, native born and natural born are the same thing. You lose, twit.

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  34. There are certainly local, temporal effects from human activities. There is limited skill to discern regional effects, and no confirmed ability on a global scale. There is also limited skill to distinguish between natural and artificial causes. They may want to reconsider following the scientific method and best-of-breed practices.We should be extremely concerned when there is little skill and desire to distinguish between cause and effect.Any effort to mitigate risk should be commensurate to the level of uncertainty in the analysis.

  35. Great post, and absolutely reinforces the underlying need for grantmakers to share their stories to increase awareness of the impact of the philanthropic sector. The Philanthropy Awareness Initiative has been encouraging the sharing of stories–finding the narrative amidst the data–to demonstrate impact and understanding. And Northern California Grantmakers is helping our members craft their own stories through our Snapshots of Philanthropy series: http://www.ncg.org/snapshots Low-tech and low cost, but effective nonetheless!- Julia IndovinaDirector, Communications & Member ServicesNorthern California Grantmakers

  36. Peter:You are a journalist and I am not. So, let me ask you a question – Shouldn’t the president and publisher of the Richmond Times – Dispatch report the news in Richmond rather that trying to make the news in Richmond? When Silvestri starts, ” … believing we are the capital of creativity” I have to wonder about anything and everything written in the Times-Dispatch about the state of innovation and creativity in Richmond.Am I right?

  37. <3 this!! The only "person" I've been told I resemble is Roxanne form A Goofy Movie LOL [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:June 26th, 2011 at 1:53 pmI can totally see that! Lol! [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:June 26th, 2011 at 1:53 pmI can totally see that! Lol! [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ]

  38. Tabs says “BUT OF COURSE!” He’ll try to stuff himself into any box no matter what the size (see below… and please note his rump):Cockney is so beautiful! I’m really glad you like it. Oh, I’m also happy to hear that you picked up Vex and Naked Lunch too. They’re fantastic staples. I haven’t seen Law & Order: UK. Is it just as good as SVU?

  39. Great point, James. Too many times entrepreneurs focus on the volume of work and allow the quality of their work to suffer. In truth, the client would likely rather that you turn them down this time to maintain the integrity of your work. If you produce less than you are capable of the client and you would be disappointed. However, if you turn them down this time they may well look to you at a later date when they know you will exceed their expectations with your quality and timeliness.

  40. “Good people come in all shapes, sizes – and genders.”Exactly. I think this is why I am so troubled by the fact that these intergender relationships appear to fall of as we get older. Ultimately, what matters is that we encounter, and spend time with, good people and it just seems so arbitrary (and sad) to limit ourselves to members of our own sex. I think that honesty – with ourselves, with our partners – is an absolute essential. Where would we be without honesty? Is there such thing as too much honesty? (ooh another blog topic. yay!)

  41. Why on earth would they sell something as wonderful as a yard?!? There must be some mistake. Maybe they are bringing the yard on a sailboat, just for a little vacation?

  42. Hey Tracy, well some of my favorite colors are black, reds, yellows, and then I like earth colors. Just do your thing, I’m sure it will be great! I look forward to seeing it! Take care ok, and I want to see more pics of your paintings. Marisol

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  45. Hello collegemom, Linda, TGRArchie and FOD! Pastel another Fabs post!! Love the line “David makes difference…he does without even trying! “The lead off pic from Cherry is …..GORGEOUS!! Fan pics ROCK! THANKS CanadianArchie and Martha for pics! Thanks collegemom for the heads up on the recap of Gladys adventure in Chile! Two weeks until BEGIN.! Can’t wait to hear EVERY song! Hope it will be available on itunes soon also!ENJOY YOUR DAY!

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  48. only works if you’re on Premiere (or presumably the new Team) or Education Editions. It is NOT available for Standard Edition. The only way that MAY be able to do statistics for Standard Edition would be to use or create a Gadget for that purpose, and it would have to be inserted on every page that you wish to track.

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  51. BomberYou are right. I try and explain what the actors are doing, not justify them. There is a difference. I often view american foreign policy as being a case of ‘two steps forward, three steps back’. The only way they will achieve change is to build popular support for their agenda, and they have achieved the opposite. Karlos,refer my comments aboove.

  52. dziekuje za odpowiedz. wlasnie tu pojawia sie problem “Jeżeli kot jest w typie preferowanym akurat przez sÄ™dziów”. wezmy przyklad kota bengalskiego, jak wiadomo najbardziej porzadane wsrod hodowcow tej rasy sa rozetki. pewnie tak samo mysla sedziowie? czy moze koty w rozetki, centki i marmurki sa osobno oceniane? jezeli kazdy z w/w ma idealny ksztalt glowy, barwe, uszy itp itd, to wtedy sadziowie biora pod uwage “wzory” na kocie? w takim przypadku to bengale w rozetki beda na uprzywilejowanej pozycji  

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  54. You’re not sorry about anyone with a disability. You cud care less about them! You are batting for Cigna.. the king of insurance fraud! Health insurance, is where, if your health is bad, your insurance pays for your dr’s treatments! Gosh, who do you think you are really fooling with these posts anyway forwardmover. Where you moving forward to now… ? the Holllywood Hillls. How’s your Bentley driving? ROTFLOL

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  56. When I first heard about this, my first reaction is that the professor must be upset by people surfing the net and checking e-mails during her class. Towards the end of her note she tacitly admits this as she details her previous efforts to shut off the wi-fi in the classroom.It is puzzling that the prof. denies that this is her main motivation. If she was truly motivated by all those screens blocking her view – What difference would wi-fi make?

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  59. and done, but we are still in the early stages of this game.Dont retailers make something like 40% of their annual income during the Xmas holiday season???? Wonder how all those commercial loans hold up when the American consumer cant get it up for holiday shopping since they have have had their Amex/MC/Visa canceled?But dont worry, the retail sector will do just fine when it loses 20+% of its annual income this year

  60. Ah, the Oomph Girl! That was her nickname when my Dad met her during WWII. She visited his camp as part of a USO tour and somehow he met her. Needless to say, she was his favorite actress and could do no wrong in his eyes.

  61. Auguri alla nonna dell’anno, e agli altri nonni. Mi chiedo però se hanno invitato il Sindaco o un altro rappresentante dell’Amministrazione comunale a tale manifestazione, visto anche che si svolgeva in una scuola primaria. Sarebbe stata anche l’occasione giusta per rappresentargli anche ciò che non funziona. Auguri.

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  68. he released a copy of his long form certificate, the mask is off. There should be no difference between what he released and what is on file in Hawaii. The only reason not to direct the DOH to release the file is to either a) keep from view the truth, or b) to continue toying with many good Americans, i.e. one big joke on many. After many loyal years of service, I no longer have full faith in this government, a sad state, a sad state indeed.3rd/12th

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  144. There's a good chance that the next UR post will be about Wikileaks. That is, it will offer a neoreactionary, antidemocratic interpretation of the Wikileaks phenomenon. So, can those of us who have been reading this blog for years figure out in advance what gloss Mencius is likely to provide? Will he be pro-Wikileaks, anti-Wikileaks? Will he say it's epiphenomenal, or that it's just a symptom of the democratic system's own inconsistencies and lack of internal discipline? Perhaps he'll contrast it with his own proposed project, Revipedia.

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  148. "President Obama just told Israel to let in humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, and that's exactly what we tried to do…"Psst: Ms. McKinney, you might wanna tone down the whole "President Obama told you to" thing, if you're supposedly championing another state's sovereignty. We wouldn't much appreciate another country TELLING us to tone down our own security measures, now would we?

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  150. KingM is right: many Hispanics are potentially assimilable, much more so than blacks and even many asians. We should be encouraging the assimilation of Hispanics capable of college education and their intermarriage with whites. Elite Hispanics have no problem voting in their genetic interests south of the border, it seems like they ought to be able to do the same here in the USA. However, NONE of this is problem unless without a serious, long-term immigration moratorium.

  151. My view was that a recall is justified when the people have assembled in a number great enough to initiate a recall. I stated that because the current recalls have not garnered enough support that they are by definition not justified (yet). I believe that the original question asker confuses impeachment with recall. Impeachment requires a violation of the law. A recall only requires the constituents be dissatisfied with the performance of the elected official. There is nothing one has to do wrong to be recalled.

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  184. What I don't understand is why Tiana didn't talk to her parents about this situation before it blew up. We make it VERY clear to our kids, that just because you're brilliant kids (like your parents, LOL) doesn't mean that folks at school are gonna treat you "fair". The "rules" for our kids have never been equal, so why aren't we doing a better job educating our kids about avoiding even the slightest hint of trouble at school?

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  188. bravo!! wonderful post. filled with the wisdom that has come with all the circumstances of our lives. If I could have only read this years ago, what a difference in all my struggling and guilt. I think, as women, we easily become the role that is handed to us, or that we unwittingly choose. The titles, wife, mother, taxi driver describe a function we may have, but it does not define us. We are wonderfully and beautifully created. This is an excellent post. Thank you for inspiring me DAF

  189. Che dire… stavolta per me e’ molto piu’ difficile tornare alla vita reale: sono rimasta su Aquila Uno!!! ;-)Grazie dell’indispensabile aiuto, Paolo, della compagnia, e di essere stato ancora una volta un perfetto “straight man” per due grandissimi!Salutoni anche a Elena e alle due piccole “Who fans”! :-)

  190. wow..that is some closet..which girl doesn't want a whole room for her dresses and shoes!!love the pendant light..though i feel the room needs some pattern..through a rug, an ottoman or different curtains perhaps..a couple of wall sconces would be a nice touch too..thanks for sharing, jen..do stop by my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  191. Like they say, where flowers bloom so does hope! So, in the final analysis, here’s the take away for me. Perhaps Ahmad is trying to tell you something about your studies and UAF… You are doing all the right things. Keep up the good work!?!

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